From a failure to a successful Young girl

Let me take you on a ride I never thought I’d one day be able to talk about. Here is how I turn my Failure into success.

When I failed matric I had no one, not even myself to depend on. That is the year I felt so useless, The year I felt like dying was the only solution to numb the pain. The year I felt no one understood what I had to deal with every SINGLE day.

Well let me give you an insight of what really happened. 2014 was my matric year were everything was just sweet fun and games. The tough times and good times. Now the sad thing about going through “tough times” was that I had no one but myself, I knew no one but myself and I was my own source of PEACE and STRENGTH. The comparison I had to go through (hehe) wow black families can never be happy to see where you are going as a person. Anyway so now I wrote exams waiting for results and save the date *2015/06/01 well that was the day I got my Fail, My big Phat Fail. That time I’ve passed everything exceptionally well, but two subjects dribbled me.

Well now the pain of dealing with the fact that I have no friend, all the Friends I had were not taking my calls when I just wanted to congratulate them on their great achievement (am crying with causes I needed a shoulder with a pack of tissues)… Well guess what I learned that no one is for you when you fall. You are your own backup and strength.

Not everyone understood that I was hurting, now I got to a point where I was not showing tears. Instead was crying inside, fighting myself so hard. Even starting to believe the famous words “you are useless”. It was a difficult journey I didn’t think one day I’ll be able to look back and talk about it or even share it.

The truth is I was very shy to admit that I failed matric, because I always thought people will look at me differently. The thought of it was scary because as individuals we are so judgemental it’s scary. Not everyone can be able to boldly talk about such experiences, I salute​ them it is difficult to talk about such.

Now after my miserable 2015 I must say I decided to stop putting myself down and asking so many why’s and what I could have done better. I decided to get up and stop feeling sorry for myself and well I got up, fixed my life and today as we speak I’m doing my final year In civil engineering and building construction. I never gave up on myself because of failing matric.
Today I HELP young girls and orphanages. Today I’m a WRITER having my own blog.
Today I am someone’s INSPIRATION .
Today I am a MOTIVATION to someone. Today I ADVOCATE for woman to love themselves the way they are without feeling ashamed. Did I mention that I do online promotions and also co own a company? Well yes that’s Kgudie. I am proud of the person I decided to stand up and become. As difficult as it was to Overcome, I’m glad I got here. I live by the words “Be the change you want to see” well that’s me. I am the change I wanted to see in myself. I am happy that God gave me strength to carry on and never give up.

It may seem difficult today but your situation is not forever. Your downfalls will not put you down forever unless you allow them to. Always know that we are meant to fail and we are meant to disappoint ourselves but what’s important Is how we get out of our failures, how we polish them into GOLD.



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